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We know each other from somewhere, don't we? Perhaps from the Ljubljana Castle or from the Ethnographic Museum, from the Hotel Union or from the Music and Ballet Secondary School ... Perhaps we met on the premises of Geoplin, the European Commission or the national assembly, or perhaps you may have been impressed by the ambience of a bar or a private home... You can meet us in all of these places.

Maybe you weren't sure who made those wood inner doors, interior equipment, aisle or wood façades – but if you felt good, our intention was achieved. At the company Kampo, we create carpentry products, with excellence. Their top design raises the general cultural value of a residential environment.

We co-operate closely with architects, since we believe in the thoughtful selection of furniture, designed individually for each person, and adjusted to their lifestyle. This is the only way to co-create a high-quality of living that exceeds the average.

The frequent changing of cheap furniture, which is itself a product of hyper-production, does no good to either our planet or our descendants. Therefore, at the company Kampo, we bet on durability. A reliable and dedicated team of master craftsmen is available for you to make your dreams of a pleasant residence come true.