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Dear customers, business partners and co-workers,

We live in an era in which our daily challenge has become finding enough inner peace and energy to focus on creative work, indispensable for successful completion of all the projects we decide to take on.

At Kampo, this energy flows in abundance, as 50 years have passed already since my father, Anton Kajzer, established the foundations of this craft and joinery workshop. With his work, he sets an example, as he still invests a generous amount of love into any exclusive piece of massive wood he works on. Half a century of uninterrupted development is, after all, a product of his values, which he instilled into the company. Three years ago, when I embarked on his path I thought it would be difficult to surpass his success since most of the areas covered by the workshop relied on his pioneering ideas. However, it is my utmost privilege to be able to write the following: his selfless support and our dedicated team of co-workers, the continuing introduction of new technologies, as well as daily endeavours to use innovative approaches in solving technological problems and in constructing seemingly impossible detailed elements have allowed me to upgrade my father's work.
This would not have been possible without you, our cherished customers - to you we owe our gratitude for offering us numerous opportunities for our own development. I am convinced that our most demanding customers are also the most valuable, as they encourage us to give our best and to grow beyond the existing horizon of available knowledge. They are the ones we can impress with our most complex products; and this fills me with great pride and gratitude. I am grateful to each and every one of them.
This successful development of the company would also not have been possible without our devoted team of co-workers who are always prepared to make sacrifices for a quality and timely completion of each project. A sincere expression of gratitude for successfully executed projects goes to them as well.
The Craftsman of the Year Award 2012, the highest recognition of the Chamber of Craft and Business of Slovenia, came to me quite unexpectedly. It was followed by self-questioning on whether I really deserved it. However, looking back and considering the invested effort, time and energy, I can safely say that the feelings of pride and gratitude prevail. I see the reward as a symbol of responsibility towards the society I live in, as I wish to work for the good of people and give back to my community.
A reward like this one serves as an energy boost that makes us move mountains and help create a better world. With this uplifting sensation in mind, which I gladly share with all my co-workers, customers, friends and acquaintances, I welcome the beginning of another 50 years atKampo. Thank you for being a part of this story.

Marko Kajzer,
The manager